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About the game is a new IO game in battle royale style! Here you can practice your aim and tactics! Now you will be dropped from a plane with a parachute! Land on an island and search for materials and weapons! Here you can play with your friends or players from the world! Prove other players who are the best. Defeat everyone and win this battle royale! Here you can also show off your character by unlocking new skins! If you want more weapons or skins you have to unlock achievements! Now it’s your turn to fight!

How to play in

At the start, you will be dropped on a big island with only parachute and knife! Your job is to search for materials and weapons! You can also find healing staff. There are many types of weapons that you can find on the map. But the rarest one will drop in the airdrop. You have to wait for the cargo and then when it will be dropped you have to fight for them! Use materials to build walls. Walls can protect you from enemies! Kill everyone and be the king of the!

Controls in the game

Moving – W, A, S, D
Sprint - Shift
Aim – Mouse
Shoot – Left mouse button
Build wall – Right mouse button
Action – E
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