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About is a fantastic io game in the 3D sea environment. In the beginning, you are in one of two gangs marked by colours. You have the control of the ship with the cannon that destroys others. You can play with your friends or alone if you feel strong enough. Watch out for the pirates. It is very hard to take out. Only full cooperative of your team can do something about that. Create the best sailors' team with your group.

How to play

To be effective in this game you need to practise steering and aiming. You might feel a little weird but you will get used to it. Teamwork counts here so leave your pride and integrate with others. The captain is the most important person on the team. Here, the generals are selected randomly. When the boss dies, he is being replaced by someone else from the team who is also chosen randomly. Being a captain gives you only the possibility for manage the crew by the chat.

Controls in

Use WASD or arrows to move your cannon around the boat.
Use your mouse to control your boat or aim.

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