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About game Dominus2

A free multiplayer strategy game. Grow in power by capturing castles. Climb the tree to become Dominus and win the game.

How to play in Dominus2

Protect your villages, they are your main source of income and do not have a built in security system or guards of any kind.
Never leave your castle open to attack from opponents. Always be on guard and prepared to defend it.
Begin to capture your opponents castles as soon as possible. This is a real time strategy game and thus time is of the essence.

Controls in game Dominus2

Create an army from your castle.
Use your army to build a village.
Villages collect income.
Build more armies and villages.
Use your armies to capture other player's castles.
Capture everyone's castle to become Dominus and win the game.

Open up the "how to play" menu within the game. Here you will find detailed instructions on what to do, how to control your kingdom, and specific, detailed instructions on how to navigage the game.

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