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About game is an incredibly fun variation of games such as agario, you can choose 1 of many starting animals in cube form to go around the map and eat apples and meat in order to grow your size. As you get bigger you’ll be able to eat smaller players but of course, this works both ways so make sure to stay away from bigger players! One of my favourite features in this game is the sounds, you sound adorable whilst munching on your food and then let out a huge fart sound when boosting, it really caught me off guard the first time!

How to play in

Your overall objective in is to be the first person to a 1000 score however I prefer to just get big enough to devour all of my opponents! When gaining size be wary about running into mushrooms as they will break your character back down into all the food you have consumed allowing nearby enemies to eat your progress! Mushrooms aren’t all bad, however, as a new player try to hang around them as much as possible so if a bigger player tries to eat you can kite them around the mushroom and home they explode for you to eat them instead!

Controls in game

To move your character around use WASD keys and the space bar to boost a fixed amount of distance forwards, this can come in helpful for either running away or closing the gap between you and your lunch.
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